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Dear Panel,

I am a very nice guy, nice looking, own my home have a fairly good job but don't make a lot of money. Are there any women today who are looking for love and not income, and if there are  where are they???



Mare Answers:

Are you suggesting that women care only about how much money a guy has? 

Do you spend most of your evenings at TGIFridays?  Have you been watching too many old 90210 episodes?


Get real Mare.

singletin2.gif If you answered "yes" to any of these questions, you have a thwarted view of today's American woman.  The remedy: talk to women and see what it is they want in a man.  Some may want money, but most want something else.  Find out what it is.


For many women, it's about personality, not money.

I think it goes without saying that you probably shouldn't date the women who are only interested in money.  Take it from my friend Tom who works at a hot dog stand and who just married the beautiful, fun, and smart Evon.  Take it from lots of women who love their men regardless of IRS status.

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