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[...] So I do not know if I should still be friends with him, I really care for him, or just let him go.  yelbtblk.gif. [...]

Hope Answers:

I think he is very wise to realize that you need time to heal and to have some independence before entering into another serious relationship. I think he sincerely wants you to be committed to him, not on a rebound. It takes a lot of maturity and selflessness to allow you the time and space to regain your independence and heal for awhile, even if it means that he could lose you.

One way you can know his true intentions is to see if he dates other people during this time of "slowing things down." If this time is really for you to heal from your broken marriage, then he will

Another possibility is that he is having cold feet.

singletin2.gif remain faithful to you and wait for you, as he said he would. If, however, this is just his way of letting you down easy (which I don't think it is), then you will eventually know by the way he handles the relationship over this "slowing down" period. (Does he still call? Does he still show you that he cares for you, or does he disappear?)

Regardless, I think it is rarely a good idea to jump right into another serious relationship right after a breakup, especially a divorce. It sounds like he is acknowledging that and wants to do this the right way. I also believe that a little distance and time in a relationship cam sometimes be a good test of each partner's commitment. If the relationship can't handle a little separation to allow one partner to grow, then how could it handle the challenges of a committed marriage? If you have a solid foundation for this relationship, then the time apart will only strengthen you individually and strengthen the commitment you have for each other in the long run.


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