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Is it OK if guys surf for naked girls?

Hope Answers:

Dear Sarah,

Playboy Looking at porn doesn't mean you are a sex-crazed maniac

Your boyfriend does have a problem, but it goes deeper than whether or not he desires you.

Porn Is Destructive and Addicting

Pornography is an extremely destructive and addictive habit, and it will cause problems down the road, guaranteed.
Wounded I agree. I just found out that my husband has been doing it for a year and a half and I am sick to my stomach over it.

Pornography has ruined many marriages and lives.

Starry I agree with you, Hope. You have to look at porn for what it really is.

It may seem harmless at first, but it leads the viewer to crave deeper and more shocking images in order to be aroused. No longer are you satisfied with what you saw yesterday, but you need to go deeper to maintain the high. Because you begin living in a fantasy world, it ultimately leads to ruined marriages and relationships, because you cannot maintain a normal sexual relationship.

Lefty I don't agree - being with someone will always satisfy me more than looking at Porno.

(It will never satisfy you like the pornography does.) It will suck you deeper and deeper in, like a drug.

Porn Leads to Rape

Marshon Wrong! There is actually evidence refuting this.

In fact, studies have shown that many men who commit rape have started down this road by their addiction to pornography. So, it is obvious that your boyfriend is being completely selfish by insisting to look at pornography.

Dump Him

Mare Nothing he "looks" at can take away from her.

If your boyfriend needs to look at other girls to satisfy him, his heart couldn't be with you, especially since this is obviously hurting you. And the fact that he needs to look at this to satisfy him is a sign that he is disturbed. Dump him!!! Don't settle for just anyone -- seek a man who respects you completely!



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