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Dear Panel,

I am so confused. I have been with my fiance for 16 months and my ex boyfriend called me telling me how much he loves me and how bad he messed up. He was my first true love and people change as they get older we we're 16 when dating I still have feelings. My current boyfriend and I have been through alot and don't know what to do I am confused. My mom said follow what your heart tells you to do but I don't know what my heart is saying.


Please help!


Mare Answers:

You can do whatever you want, just don't do two things: 1) Don't get married.  It would be unfair to your fiance to make a commitment under these circumstances. 2) Don't go back to your old boyfriend.  You may be hanging on to beautiful "first love" memories that don't fit any more. If you don't know what your heart is saying, you shouldn't promise it to anyone.

Give yourself a break; some breathing room.  Think about not dating either of them for a while while you think about what you want.  You've got plenty of time to get married later. 

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