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Dear Panel,

I am recovering from a horrible break-up with my ex.  Everything used to be great.  But a year ago, since I moved to another city and began my own life, it's been down hill.  We broke up, and got back together three times during that period.  It seems as if, he pulls me back in, then pushes me away really hard. 

Recently, we had a weekend getaway where we talked a lot about our relationship.  It was promising.  He said he wanted to work on things.  But within a week, he was saying he wasn't sure he wanted to be with me, and he still wanted to see other people.  I told him to get lost.  We have not spoken for a couple of weeks.  But I'm miserable. I really love him. It really hurts me that he can treat me so horribly.  We were together 3 years!  We discussed marriage.  Now he says he doesn't know if he want s to marry me.  What went wrong?  Am I just a whiner? 

Heart Broken 4-ever

Listen to more country music and decide.


You did the right thing


Take a break.

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