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My lover loves porno. Should I love others?

Dear Panel,

I am in a 4 year relationship with John Doe and we are both the same age and still very much in love, but lately I have been getting a bit discouraged from continuing the relationship.

Sudden Interest in Pornography

His sudden interest in pornography has decreased my desire to see him, although he is always willing to see me. For example, he downloads pictures of nude women to decorate his Instant Messenger on his computer. I think his friends play a part in influencing him.

He always tells me I am sexy and perfect and fun, so I wonder, why does he seem to lean toward these bigger busted women?

John knows I don't like it, but doesn't do anything about it. I have decided not to let him touch me until he respects my feelings.

John or Gary?

In the meantime, I've met Gary, a wonderful guy who is interested in me, at work and I am pondering the possibility of making one of the hardest choices of my life: stay and endure what John's putting me through, or leave him to date Gary.

What can I do?

– Lorraina




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