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Dear Panel,

I have a huge prob... I've been friends with this boy for a while now, and he's like my brother. But I found out that he likes me and now I don't know how to act around him. My friends think that I should go out on a date with him but I know I'll feel weird , but how do I know if I like him or if there's anything going to be between us? please write back to me as soon as possible!!!!


Lefty Answers:

Dear Megan,

I know I sure wouldn't go out with anyone who felt like my sister. OOPS, sorry sis, if you're reading this.

You know, Megan, you don't have to date everyone in the world. If you don't have romantic feelings towards your bud, then don't date him.

That is what I have always said.

But I will say that the best relationships are those between people who like each other as good friends as well as romantic partners.

As to feeling weird about going out on a date with him, I'll bet you already feel weird knowing that he "likes" you, which kind of changes your relationship anyway. So it's up to you, whether there's a chance you would "like" him back in that way and want to go out with him, or not. But also know that this doesn't change him as a person, and he's still the guy you've known for awhile, even if he does find you special.


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