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Dear Panel,

I have a huge prob... I've been friends with this boy for a while now, and he's like my brother. But I found out that he likes me and now I don't know how to act around him. My friends think that I should go out on a date with him but I know I'll feel weird , but how do I know if I like him or if there's anything going to be between us? please write back to me as soon as possible!!!!


Mare Answers:

If you'll feel weird, don't do it. Your friends want you to be happy, so they think that they are helping. But they aren't the ones who have to date the guy.

It will be hard to relax with the weirdness that's going on.

Just relax and be friends with the boy. If he wants to go out, tell him you're not comfortable with it. If something is going to happen, eventually it will. In the meantime, really get to know him in the non-threatening environment you've got now. And don't let fear stop you from dating him. If you get the urge, pursue it. Friends can turn into wonderful boyfriends.

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