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Dear Panel,

 I have just been recently married to someone I have "dated" for eight years.  It was a rocky relationship, he never really treated me very well, always putting me down, and pushing me away. Well, I got pregnant in 1997, and later had a beautiful baby boy in 1998, he, because of this event, finally wanted to marry me, so we were wed in 1999. 

Now, I reluctantly have fallen in love with another man.  One who is my best friend, extremely intelligent, very sensitive, and never a harsh word from his lips. (I've actually known this person for about four years now)His says he is in love with me too, actually he said it first, and is quite confident that I am the "one". 

I really think I have married the wrong man, what should I do?

 - Heartsick


You need to work things out with your husband

What a mess


Move on, you deserve happiness

Take responsability for your actions

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