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Why do I think about dating while my boyfriend is dying?

Dear Panel,

I am a 19-year-old female who is in college and working full time. I am easy going and a fun person to be around. I can be very shy when it comes to meeting people and I only have a few friends. I am dating a guy I have been with for 5 years.

Let's talk about Bobby. He is my current boyfriend and I have been with him for 5 years now. We have a lot of good times. Right now he is in serious condition and waiting for a heart transplant. I have not seen him in 3 months because he is in Minnesota and I am in Florida. He is a great guy and I do love him very much.

I was in 8th grade when Bobby and I met and we have been together ever since. It has been fun and I do not regret being with him.

He is in serious condition and I am really worried about him and I think about him everyday. I am really worried about him. love him and I know that I do but recently I have started thinking about a guy I work with. I think about how it would be to go on a date with him and if we would have fun or not. It is even hard for me to do my job because I start thinking about him and get side tracked.

Why all of a sudden am I thinking about Kenny when Bobby is in the condition he is in? Why do I loose all concentration when he talks to me? I know this you probably think I am crazy because Bobby is in the condition he is in, but I can not help it. Why do I feel this way?

What do you think I should do, I really do not understand the way I feel?

– Mixed-up


Reality is wrong – you're normal


Support Bobby, but date others

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