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What do you think I should do, I really do not understand the way I feel?


Hope Answers:

Since Bobby is your first and only boyfriend, it is natural for you to wonder what it would be like to date someone else. That is not the problem. What may be a problem is if you allow yourself to meditate or linger on these thoughts and turn them into fantasies or infatuations.

How can one keep their thoughts "pure"?

Remember, faithfulness is more than just what you do, it's keeping your thoughts and motives pure also, since what's in your heart will eventually dictate the actions you take. Faithfulness involves being physically as well as emotionally devoted to another.

But whatever her reasons - she is justified in wanting to move on.

You need to be very careful that you understand what you are feeling for this other guy. It may simply be infatuation. It may be curiosity from never having dated anyone else. It may be the temporary excitement you feel over having someone new in your life, especially if he is paying special attention to you or flirting with you in any way. Whatever it is, you need to seriously examine your feelings and motives to try to figure out if it is merely a crush or if there is something deeper there (which will only truly develop over a longer period of time).

What struck me most in this story is Bobbie's medical condition -- and you don't even mention that.

So while I am not sure what you should do, I do know what I think you shouldn't do: you shouldn't date both of them at the same time to see what happens. You shouldn't sneak around. You shouldn't base an important decision on feelings of infatuation or a "crush" which often fades over time. And you shouldn't jump into another relationship before you have had time to develop a solid friendship and really get to know who this person is. While you are young and still have the freedom to date other people (since you are not engaged), you must not take advantage of that freedom by handling this inappropriately or sneaking around in any way.

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