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Dear Panel,

Who do I choose my boyfriend or my son's father?yelbtblk.gif

Mare Answers:


Why not stay single for a while? Have fun. Experience la vida loca. Live it up.

Accept that you are not monogomous right now

That's a cop out. She should try and figure out WHY she is cheating.

It sounds like you don't really want to settle down with one person. If you're having trouble being faithful to one person, why make a monogamy commitment? Seems like you'd just be setting yourself up for hurting yourself or someone else.

As for your son's father, it's usually not a good idea to hook up with the other parent solely to "keep the family together." If you get to know him again, you may rediscover the reasons why you separated in the first place. Of course, you may find that you're wonderfully compatible. So, take your time and find out which way it's going to go.


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