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Should i wait for him to love me?

Dear Panel,

I am a divorced mother of a 2-year-old daughter. I am 32. I am financially secure, own my own home but I miss being married and waking up next to a warm loving body.

Jason is 34 and we have been seeing each other for 10 months. He is great with my daughter but doesn't spend enough time with us.

Melanie my 2 year old daughter.

Once upon a time...Jason and I have been seeing each other for 10 months. I love him like I have never loved anyone before. It is the most wonderful feeling. He is a terrific man and a real catch. He is great with my daughter and the most considerate lover I have ever had.

My problem is that even though I have told him countless times that I love him. He doesn't love me. He has told me that he doesn't know what love is. I am crushed and confused. He says he can't say that he loves me until he knows that he loves me and can say it and mean it. I have asked him if he will ever fall in love with me and he says he doesn't know but will understand if I want to break it off with him.

Don't involve your daughter with men you are dating.

I appreciate his honesty but I am hurting horribly. I am concerned about my daughter as well. She loves him and sees him much more than she sees her never around father and she is quite attached to Jason. I am concerned that both of us are going to end up hurt.

He dated his last girlfriend for 6 years and broke it off with her because he grew tired of the relationship. He also told me he never loved her. My fear is spending years with this person waiting for love to happen and then have it all crash around me. I want more. More of Jason and more time with him.

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Should I wait for him or move on?

- Waiting

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