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Should I wait for him or move on?

Mare Answers:

Once upon a time, I had a romance with this guy who sent me gorgeous roses every couple of weeks. He traveled long distances to see me. He called or saw me every day. He talked about how "attracted" he was to me, how much he "cared" for me. But he didn't love me.

I wanted to be with someone who loved me. So, even though it was really hard, I said good-bye to this man, wrote him a long letter, and moved on.

Now I have someone who loves me. Who needs roses?

Get a Dog

Mr. Senstive

We just adopted a puppy from the shelter.

P.S. Any of you out there looking for that "warm body to wake up next to"? I know where you can get one that is completely faithful, loving, and tender – at your local Humane Society or municipal animal shelter. There are thousands of warm bodies who would love to go home with you and give you unconditional love. Let one adopt you.

– Mare


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