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Mare said:

You are a virgin if you believe that you are.

A Reader Responds:

She's No Longer A Virgin


She's a virgin as long as she believes she is.

Come on now...the very definition of sexual intercourse is having a PENIS inside a VAGINA. If this girl had a PENIS in her VAGINA, she is no longer a virgin, because she has had sexual intercourse.

"Broken Hymen" is a Myth

The old "Broken hymen" definition has long been considered entirely wrong, since some women don't have hymens, they can break at any time (hence, using tampons doesn't devirginize you), and some women's don't break at all.

So, I have to say sorry, she's been devirginized. Sure it's something she may regret, but all she can do is admit she made a mistake by doing this and moving on. She can take comfort in knowing that this was forced on her, she didn't decide to do this, therefore she didn't do anything against her morals.

- Morgan



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