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What if I'm alone for Valentine's Day?

Gillian said:

If you want to wallow in misery, I recommend a romantic movie and a pint of Cherry Garcia.

Reader Jessie Responds:

Don't fret if you're alone on V-Day.

So what if the only Valentines you've gotten since 3rd grade were from your mother... that doesn't have to stop you from doing something special on Valentine's day.

If there's someone you have a secret crush on, valentine's day is THE day to let them know. Be creative. Leave them a note somewhere. Leave a message on their machine.

It's OK to Be a Bit Weird

Be mysterious. V-day is one of those days where its okay to be a bit obsessive and weird – don't worry about rejection, have fun!

You'll flatter whomever it is you pay special attention to. Even if it was never meant to be, it will definitely make their day to know someone is creating such a fuss over them!



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