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What do girls want for Valentine's Day?

Gillian Answers:

Everyone's Different

There is no set answer for what guys or girls want for Valentine's Day. For every woman who wants diamonds, there is a woman who would prefer a much smaller token of affection. For every man who "doesn't do" Valentine's Day, there are others who spend hours planning the perfect surprise.

Everyone Wants To Be Understood

What I think everyone wants for Valentine's Day (and every day really) is to be understood by their partner. I think if there are expectations about this holiday that aren't met, it can be a real source of tension.

Gillian Communicate Your Hopes Before V-Day


It's not romantic if it is dictated.

The key is to communicate any hopes for V-Day before the day itself.



But my favorite Valentine's Day was because it was unexpected.

That should cut back on the disappointment factor.



I agree with GIllian. Communication is NOT the opposite of surprise.



What do girls want for Valentine's Day?

What do guys want for Velentine's Day?



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