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What do guys want for Valentine's Day?


Lucky being a chick ... I think guys are much easier to please.


It works for me.

A little extra sexual prowess seemed to work for me ... okay that was only a joke.


I generally tend to write. For Jake I would write long letters about how my life had changed since I met him, and how complete I felt because of him. The important thing to remember if you choose to write is that most people are pretty keen to the smell of bullshit. If you don't feel it, don't say it.

Something Out of the Ordinary

The other thing I recommend is doing something out of the ordinary for your guy. If that means dragging him to a remote beach or other secluded location, good, or if it means renting his favorite action movie that you can't stand, do it ... hopefully his plans for the two of you will pre-empt you actually having to sit through another bad Schwarzenegger movie, but he'll appreciate the gesture.

Secrets San Diego Spots

Since I am from San Diego, I will recommend a couple of my personal favorite semiprivate spots ... since I won't be there this year, you can take them.

My all time favorite place to take somebody, especially if they were not from San Diego, is the Spruce Street Bridge between Hillcrest and Downtown, off 2nd. Take a blanket, smuggle a bottle of wine, and watch the planes fly in. Hopefully the stoned kids will leave you alone and not insist on rocking the bridge too much.

My favorite beach is Windansea. Because of the tidal changes, this beach never looks the same twice. Sometimes the rocks are exposed, sometimes it is sandy. It is almost always vacant and there are spotlights on the water which are nice. Make sure you make arrangements so you do not have to use the one outhouse located there. Believe me ... hold it!!

Okay, enough Alicia secrets for you. Final thoughts: be sincere and don't think of a plan as a means to an end but an end in itself. The whole point is to let them (whether husband/wife/girlfriend/boyfriend/friend/lover) know that somebody cares about them.



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