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Young men on "What do guys want for Valentine's Day?"

A Guest Answers:

Mr. Sensitive Asked:

What is your favorite Valentine's Day memory?


Guys in Their 20's Answer:

She said that "I" was all that they ever wanted!!! It was special beause I never knew that some one like this girl could love me this much!!!
22-year-old from Southeast United States


She cooked me dinner, took me to my favorite bar and got me drunk, then she took me home and gave me the best _______ I had ever had in my life. She was the best ______I ever had. She knew what I liked and had no problem doing it.
22-year-old from California


She traveled 60 miles to where I was going to college walked into the class I was in that morning and gave me a rose and a big kiss. It was special beaus it showed me how much somebody loved and cared for me.
24-year-old from Europe


She wore some kinky lingerie for me, it was so hot looking and the girl never ever was this wild.
25-year-old from USA


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