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Is he gay, shy, or just not interested in me?

Dear Panel,

I met a really great guy, or so he seems, and we've been out twice so far. The night before our second date which was lunch and a drive to the lake, he called me and we talked on the phone until 4 AM. He asked me if he could come over and after he assured me he would be a perfect gentleman, I let him.

Well he was a perfect gentleman. I think all he touched was my arm. That morning we stayed in bed and talked and snoozed and cuddled before finally getting up for our date. At the end of the date, I didn't get so much as a hug. I asked him about that the next day when he called and he said that he didn't want to offend me since we just met.

Well my friends are split between him being either gay or just shy. I say a man that asks to come over at 4 AM is not shy and I don't think he's gay but the lack of physical affection leaves me a bit confused.

Is he just an old fashioned guy who's taking things slow or should I take it as a sign he's not that interested? Was a hug too much to expect?

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