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Are horoscopes true?

Mare Answers:

Dear "For Now Or Forever",

I Don't Believe Horoscopes Predict the Future


I agree, horoscopes are as real as Santa Claus.

Those of you who firmly believe in horoscopes shouldn't read my answer. If you enjoy them and you feel they guide you well, that's great. For the rest of you, I don't believe that horoscopes predict your future or describe your personality. To prove it to yourself:

Try This Experiment With A Friend:

  1. Without your friend seeing it, get yesterday's newspaper or save yesterday's astrology website information.

  2. Read each of yesterday's 12 horoscopes for all of the signs to your friend. Important: Don't tell her/him which horoscope is for which sign. Just say, "Horoscope #1", "Horoscope #2", etc. (Be sure to read them in a different order than they normally appear.)

  3. Say to your friend, "Which one of these describes your day yesterday?"Most likely, your friend will pick the wrong one. For example, one of the horoscopes may say "You will get some good news today." Your friend will say, "I did get good news yesterday!" But the good news was supposed to come to a Capricorn and your friend is a Pisces. Obviously, the horoscope didn't predict well for the Pisces, your friend.

  4. Do this for one week until you've convinced yourself that horoscopes don't predict what will happen. (By the way, if your friend is a believer in horoscopes, this experiment won't convince her/him that they don't work, but you'll know.)

Horoscopes can be lots of fun and there is no reason not to enjoy them. I just wouldn't recommend living your life by them.



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