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Should I date my ex's younger brother?

Dear Panel,

I am a 13 year old girl with blonde hair blue eyes and I fall in love too easily! Woah, when I was typing our ages we suddenly seem really young! However I have decided we are both mature for our ages!!!

The main person is Wayne who is 12 and in the year below me. He has short dark hair and blue eyes and is obsessed with sex and chocolate!

The other person is John, he's my ex-boyfriend and is also Wayne's brother. He is 14.

I used to have a major crush on John and he liked me too. We just never got together. I went out with other people and this made me realize how much he liked me. We went out for about a month but nothing happened at all, he ignored me most of the time and we didn't even kiss. He dumped me.

Meanwhile I have always been really good mates with his little brother Wayne. First of all it started with us just as friends then when I was going out with John he would always come out with comments such as "Hell John's a fridge - I'm not though"

About a month ago he kissed me, just quickly on the lips. I think it left both of us confused. We stayed as mates for a few weeks because I was going out with someone else. But I split up with my boyfriend at the beginning of the week. On Wednesday I ended up getting off with him. He is making all the moves, but I am definitely not holding back. We just keep ending up kissing. No one has ended up walking in on us yet. But everybody keeps asking us if we are going out coz we spend so much time together. We both deny it coz were not going out.

He is really really sweet. He puts his arms round my waist and just holds me for ages with his head on my shoulder and brushes his cheek against mine and kisses my neck. He'll stand there and go, "I wish I had a gorgeous sexy blonde in front of me," Then he'll wrap himself around me and say "I am so lucky, coz I've got you"

We have some really deep and meaningful conversations too and we are really close. I know he hates commitment and I couldn't imagine us going out. When we kiss it definitely means something to both of us. John is being really "off" about the whole thing and is being really stropy to the both of us (which is unusual coz we usually get on okay)

I think I like him but I can't decide whether I just feel strongly about him as a friend. If I went out with him I would be afraid of loosing him as a friend. Am I getting into something I shouldn't?

Kick Box Queen


Don't date brothers!

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