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I think I like him but I can't decide whether I just feel strongly about him as a friend. If I went out with him I would be afraid of loosing him as a friend. Am I getting into something I shouldn't?

Kick Box Queen

Hope Answers:

He's Not Even A Teenager

Not only do you barely know him, but he is only 12!! He's not even a teenager yet! What's the rush?

Just Hang Out and Be Friends

There's nothing wrong with the physical so far, don't change anything.

I think you need to slow things down physically and just get to know him on a friendship level first. No offense, but at your age feelings change quite easily, especially for boys. You yourself admitted that you fall in love too easily! There is no harm in just "hanging out" with him for awhile as friends while you get to know who he really is as a person.

In fact, you may even want to spend time together doing group activities so you can really build a solid friendship without the pressure and complication of a dating relationship. If you continually spend time alone, all the development you will probably see in your relationship is him making more moves on you. How will you know if he really likes you or if he is just looking for some action?

I would also be very wary of what he says. A boy at that age who is "obsessed with sex" will say just about anything to get what he wants. Be very careful!

By the way, have you talked to your parents about all of this? What is their perspective on the situation?

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