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I think I like him but I can't decide whether I just feel strongly about him as a friend. If I went out with him I would be afraid of loosing him as a friend. Am I getting into something I shouldn't?

Kick Box Queen

Mare Answers:

Don't Change Anything.

I say you should keep right where you are with Wayne and not change a thing. Sounds like you are having a nice time - nice conversations and plenty of affection. Why mess with his fear of commitment by asking him to "go out with you"? As for John, you and he are ancient history - and besides he's a fridge anyway - so you don't really need to worry about what he thinks.

Kissing? They should just be friends and slow down.

By the way, a little message about all of the kissing. Just make sure that you are 100% in charge of what you do with your body. Don't go any further with someone just because he says you should or you think he won't like you if you say no.

You make the decisions about how affectionate you want to be. And when you decide to have sex, make sure that you use condoms. There are still lots of conditions out there that you can get from having unprotected sex - one is AIDS and one is parenthood. The first can kill you, the second can ruin your life if you aren't ready. Besides, kissing is good for now. There will be plenty of time to have sex when you are very OLD - say 18 or 20. p.s. I'm still trying to figure out what "stropy" means, but I think it's something bad. Am I right?


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