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He stopped wanting sex. What should I do?

Dear Panel,

Hello. I have a question about my current relationship. I have been dating a man for two months now and it couldn't be any happier or healthier. The only thing is, he is a Christian and I am Catholic and we have had sex.

He took a vow of celibacy two years ago and now wants to cease having a sexual relationship with me.This is not because he doesn't feel the same way, ( He obviously does because he thought it was worth breaking his vow.) it's because he feels he is straying from his relationship with God.

I guess I'm having a bit of a hard time understanding and feel that he hasn't been honest with me since I never knew about his vow until now and after we'd been having sex for a month and a half.

Anyway, I was wondering what I should do? I believe that sex is an important part of a healthy relationship and I don't agree with putting limitations on a relationship either. I really feel strongly about him though and want this to work. What problems do you forsee and what kinds of quesions do you think I should be asking myself right now?

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