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Dear Panel,

So, I had broken up with my ex, and then I met him again. He wasn't seeing anyone, and we had a very good time. We kissed.

(We started seeing each other again, and that went on ) for about 2 months, until the bitch came, and everything was over.

Paul and I had made a little compromise. We both like sex, so we said that it was just for that. I was attracted to him, and he to me, so, what was the problem? I liked it very much, it was just like an adventure, you never know what's gonna happen...

But nobody know this (about the agreement), it was our little secret, our game. But the deal was, the moment one of us fell in love, we had to say it to each other.

So that's what happened (I fell in love). But the problem is, I never said it to him. I just said that it must stop, that's all. And he asked me why. He said, "Did you fall in love?"

And I always said, "No."

And from (that) moment, we (did not) even talk anymore. I needed a good friend, (but) the sex ruined it all.

And the bitch came, and now it's everything he sees, she gets all his time.

So now I don't go out anymore, because when I do, I see them together, and I can't stand it!!!! What do I have to do? (Should I) say it to him (that I had fallen in love with him)? Every timeI see him, I want to tell him, but I'm afraid he is gonna tell it to her, or to (tell) our friends, and i don't want to.

You see, I can't even trust him anymore!!!

Do I have to tell him, yes or no?

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