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My friend was raped, but she's acting happy. How can I help?

Mare Answers:

Dear Helpful,

Call Crisis Intervention


Wait a second, you're trying to force her to get help.

In the yellow pages, under "Rape Counseling" or "Rape Services" there are phone numbers for organizations you can call for help. (If there are not phone numbers, there are referrals to other sections, such as "Crisis Intervention".)

Been There

But she has to be careful that her friend doesn't think that she is taking charge.

If you can't find anything there, call your police department's non-emergency number and ask for rape counseling referrals. Please call one of these as soon as possible.

Hopefully She Will Go To Counseling

Ideally, your friend will go to counseling with you. On the other hand, she may not be ready. If she's not, you go to counseling and ask them what you can do as a friend. There are great people who work there, many of whom are also recovering victims of abuse and/or rape. They will guide you. Finally, you did not say whether or not your friend reported the rape to the police.

She Needs To Report This, Because The Rapist May Try To Rape Others

Obviously, this is a decision that your friend will have to make, but she may want to think about doing it. Otherwise, the man may go on to rape others. Your friend is going to need you a lot, whether she shows it or not. You are a good friend to be there for her. Good luck to both of you.



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