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Dear Lady in Waiting:

2 Years is 2 Long

You are going to be called Lady in Waiting Too Long if you don't wake up soon and smell the decaf. Two years is a long time for your man not to know how he feels about his partner.

I think Carolcat is right, two years is a long time to wait for love.


I have listened to countless friends lately who are struggling with the same dilemma

I agree. This guy is not worth her energy, she should get away as fast as she can.

. The person that they have been spending time with, and energy on, cannot commit or is not willing to utter the L-word. This is a serious red flag, especially after a 24-month period.

I am sure you care a great deal about this person or you would not have been hovering in this relationship for a two-year period.

For more on the ups and downs of a rebound relationship see, "Can a rebound relationship work?"

As you know, it is not a good idea to get too serious about someone before the one-year mark after leaving a marriage or long-term love affair. In most cases, they are still sorting out their feelings and their intentions and their needs can become murky and a bit messy to their new partner, and to themselves.

But, he hasn't done anything wrong.

This fella does not seem to be brewing up a commitment concoction. It has been two years and you've invested a lot of time and heart into this affair. I would move on if I were you.

Take This Opportunity

You're right she should take this opportunity, but at the same time she should not burn her bridges with this guy.

Of course, these things are always easier said than done. But with his internship in full swing, I would take this opportunity to place your attention and concern elsewhere. Put your antennas up and try to locate someone who is ready to partake in a relationship with the same commitment and fortitude that you seem to desire and display.



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