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But, he hasn't done anything wrong.

I have no reservations telling you to get away from this guy as fast as you can!

He is Not Worth Your Energy

A man who can be in an intimate relationship with you for two years after his marriage is over and not say he loves you is not worth your energy! I don't know what you are getting from him that is positive, but he has a serious problem committing to you.

I can understand not wanting to make long term plans because of his divorce and because of his internship, but to not say he loves you is simply avoiding dealing with the growth of the relationship.

The Separation Will Be Good

The separation will be good for you two. He may realize, as I did before I married my wife, that you two are meant for each other. I was separated from my girlfriend (now wife) for 18 months, and during that time, the distance crystallized my strong feelings for her. I think you should allow him (and yourself) to be open to meeting new people during the separation.

If he still feels ambivalent about your relationship then it means that it's not to be.

But, if they are ever going to work it out, she has to be careful not to burn her bridges.

However, if, as you explore life separately you find you really need each other, then perhaps you two are meant to work out after all.

I think that in love (and life) waiting is far less satisfying than taking action.

Love, Charlie




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