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Hope Answers:

For more on the ups and downs of a rebound relationship see, "Can a rebound relationship work?"

Unfortunately, it doesn't sound good... If he openly admits to you that he does not love you and that your relationship started too soon (which is probably a signal that it was a rebound relationship), you would be foolish to stick around hoping for a change.

Generally, if true love is there, you will know it.

But Don't Burn Your Bridges

She should burn her bridges, He is not worth her energy.

Be thankful he leveled with you now. But whatever you do, don't burn your bridges with him. Sometimes we don't realize a good thing until it's gone. Since he is leaving for awhile, the time apart might be a good testing ground for the relationship. Perhaps after some time away, he might realize what the relationship means to him and clarify his feelings for you.

But Don't Sit Around Waiting

But, again, I would NOT sit around and wait for him. Pursue someone who has the capacity to reciprocate your love. Don't settle for someone who isn't sure. Protect your heart!

As I have told many people at Love and Learn before, I truly believe that God loves each one of us and wants to bless us. He wants to give us companionship. Try to be patient and wait to see what He brings you. Don't settle for an unbalanced relationship in which your feelings are not reciprocated. Seek God and let Him unfold His plan for your life!


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