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Dear Panel,

I am a 36 year old returning college student. I'm black.

He's my soon to be past teacher in one of my classes at the college I attend. He's about 40-45. He mentioned in class that he has kids. I don't know if he's divorced. He's white.

Well, although I was not initially consciously attracted to this guy, slowly I became aware that I was becoming more drawn to him. I thought perhaps the attraction might be mutual.

I am fascinated with the subject he teaches, so I would often talk to him briefly after class about whatever we were learning that day or that week.

Before the final exam, I made an apointment to see him in his office to ask him questions about what we'd be tested on. I had no ulterior motives, but he was very friendly and seemed happy to see me. We sat at a table, and instead of sitting across from me he sat as close to me as possible without looking unprofessional, and strained to see the questions I'd written in my notebook, as if using that as an excuse to get close to me.

Immediately after I finished asking my questions, he started asking me all about school: what I was majoring in, what my plans were, how long was I going to be at this college, etc. He then proceeded to tell me all about when he was in college: how he changed his major several times, how he hated certain classes he had to take, where he went to school, etc.

Because I was somewhat surprised at the personal nature of the conversation (and because I had somewhere to go), I ended the conversation and left.

I find him very attractive, but I don't know if he was just being friendly to me. I don't think he'll make a move toward me because it's unlikely we'll run into each other, or at least not often, and because his hands are tied due to his position.

So, what would I do to get to know him if he is interested?

I'm especially concerned about making a fool of myself because of the possibility that I could be misreading him since we're not of the same race.

Is he just being friendly?


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