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Back to what triggered this response.

Jody said:

If Patrick is using the porn for masturbation, which he probably is, he is demonstrating that he sees women as a tool to be used for self-satisfaction. Sex to him is something he GETS not a relationship he HAS.

A Reader Responds:

Judith said:

"He is flattered that you love his specialty and is getting an ego boost from talking to you."

It's "Madeline", again. Undoubtedly, that's a part of the equation, but I actually think he's noticed I'm beautiful and is "into" me too. How's that for snotty?

I am not unaware of my physical appeal, I just didn't think that HE was as aware of it as he turned out to be. After all, I'm surrounded by beautiful, firm, young girls all day--not exactly a great ego booster for someone my age. I don't think I'm revealing some neurosis that needs immediate attention because I tend to forget my own appeal in these circumstances. Actually, you just forced me to wake up. OF COURSE he noticed me and was intrigued and wanted to know more. I shouldn't have been surprised in the first place. Geez, maybe I need to spend more time away from my school environment than I currently do. It's starting to warp me.

He doesn't wear a band and I didn't see any photographs. However, I didn't look. It may not have been clear from my message, but the kind of attraction I felt for him before I met with him in his office was the same kind I would feel for any attractive man. It was offhand. He caught me off guard because although I figured it was probably mutual, I really wasn't paying any attention to it. It was just something that made my day go a little easier. Thus, I did have to think when he started to get personal, "Wait a minute, what's going on here?"

Anyway, it's a mute point. He's probably married, and I'm not into that. I will move on with my life and smile at him when I do see him, but not take him seriously.

Thanks for the advice.



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