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I want more kids, what is the solution?

Mare Answers:

Have a wonderful time with your one child. Perhaps your new husband will change his mind when your daughter gets a little older, but I wouldn't count on it. Being around a two year-old is the best form of birth control I know.

Maybe This Isn't the Man for You

Hey! Marriage is a serious commitment

If you can't let go of the thought of having more kids, maybe this isn't the man for you. Even though you just got married, your goals may be too different to sustain a long-term relationship. This is something you need to decide for yourself -- is the relationship more important than more kids?

I agree. She should read my rules for ultimatums.

Although it may be tempting, one thing you definitely should NOT do is set an ultimatum - "We have more kids or I walk." You will both resent it later and he won't be an ideal father as a result.


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