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Dear Guilty,

I wouldn't write a letter. I think that he's cheating on her!

Write the letter...say you're sorry. Send him the present.

You Hit First, To Avoid Getting Hurt

It sounds like you like to hit first before you get hit with any bad news. It makes you feel better to do the hurting rather than risk getting hurt.

But, now you regret it.

Come on, Charlie. We ALL jump to conclusions sometimes.

I think you are right, you blew it! I'm not sure he'll take you back...I'm not sure that I would. Sometimes the love is not enough. Yes, you have strong feelings for him, but you also don't trust him enough with your feelings to keep from hurting him. The trust you write about is very fragile. Getting it back means that you can make him realize that you are working on your "problem" of hurting him.

She can't stop without first having some time alone.

Can you stop saying things you know aren't true? Can you stop hurting to keep from getting hurt?

I agree. She has to take a closer look at what SHE is feeling.

You have to trust yourself, really. Trust in your love, and don't worry about getting hurt. That's hard, that takes courage, and when you can do it, you'll have what you want!





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