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What can I do to win him back?

Dear Panel,

My boyfriend broke up with me because I hurt him.

The thing is that he has never done anything wrong. But one day, he didn't call me (because he couldn't) and I got worried. Instead of saying that I was worried I sent him a message: I accused him for cheating on me while I knew he would never do that to me.

He is very sensitive. That same evening he said that we would talk about it, but we didn't. The day after he said that his trust was gone and that he couldn't do it. He was crying.

We decided to stay friends for a while because we wanted to get to know each other better. He said that I may still have a chance but that his feelings were less (for me) because his trust was gone. He needed some time.

We talked every day with each other the week after we broke up, but then I said a terrible thing. I really don't know why I said it. I said that he had used me.

I know that he really loved me but that he was too hurt, and too mad. He told me once that he was afraid to get hurt. I was also afraid of getting hurt because I'm also very sensitive.

Now, after two months he's still mad at me. I'm getting desperate. I'm thinking of writing a letter to say what I feel and to explain some things. What can I do to win him back?

I have the feeling he's the true one for me. My feelings of love are still the same as two months ago.

One last question: Should I give him his Valentine's Day present? I'd like to give it to him. I really love him. I've never felt so much for a boy as much as this one.

Please help me! I can understand his reaction. I would also be very mad if someone were to say such a thing to me that wasn't true. But he is so stubborn that he stays mad.

-- As Guilty as Can Be

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