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Mare Answers:

She DID do something wrong: she hit first to avoid getting hurt.

Your ex-boyfriend hasn't done anything wrong and neither have you.

But you both seem to be easily hurt and quick to accuse each other. It sounds like you are in a pattern in which you keep pushing and pulling each other in and out of the relationship. It's just going to continue like this until someone gives up.


Let Him Go

You are being too harsh. We all make mistakes, we all jump to conclusions sometimes.

I know it's hard when you love someone, but you need to let him go.

You Need Some Time Alone

Once you do this, take a look at yourself. What's going on with you? What's making you accuse him of cheating when you know, deep down, that he's not? Spend some time with a counselor if you can or at least spend some time on your own.

You never know - you might end up with this "true love" at some time in the future when you have lots more confidence and a greater capacity to have a healthy relationship.


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