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How can I say this. . .

it is in NO WAY "normal" for a husband to have sex with a stranger just because there is a party. I can't speak for the best man; I suspect it varies depending on their own marital status and value system. When you become engaged to someone, you are making a commitment to spend the rest of your life living with, respecting, and caring for someone else.

I am confused. How do you define debauchery? Are you advocating a double standard?

Lest I sound like I am a moralizing prude, let me tell you about bachelorette parties: it is important for girlfriends to go out, have fun, and celebrate being women. If that includes a little debauchery, that is fine.

If they can't be good, they better at least be safe.

But the occasion for the event is still a wedding, and the marriage that will occur must be respected. Your buddies may have watched a few too many talk shows or pornos. I have never heard of bachelor (or the many bachelorette parties I have attended) resulting in cheating - and that is what sex with another woman is EVEN IF the groom is not yet married and EVEN IF the woman is being paid for it.

Your Friends are Creepy & Warped

Your friends are kind of creepy with a warped value system. Most men and women do not share that value system, and the 90% figure they gave you is pure fiction.



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