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Mare Answers:

It's Not Immoral, Just Dumb

I DO think that it's immoral, and degrading for everyone.

Sure, it happens sometimes. But I'm not a big supporter of this type of bachelor party. Not because I think it's immoral. I just think it's dumb.

If You Can't Be Good, At Least Be Safe

First of all - let me guess - I bet the men who are being "serviced" don't wear condoms. Smart move! Professional sex workers are at a very high risk for HIV, syphilis, genital warts and more. Much more. (Some of these diseases can be passed orally, by the way.) So boys, do yourself and your friends - they ARE your friends aren't they? - a favor and take some Trojans to the next party.

Second, I think the original idea behind the bachelor party was to get some sexual experience for the na¬ve or virginal groom or to have one last "fling" before being "tied down" to a life of drudgery in marriage. However, as you point out, most grooms are not so na¬ve at marriage - they've had plenty of flings.

The part I like least is the assumption that marriage will be the end of the man's sex life. Yet for many, it is the beginning of a truly exciting and satisfying sex life. (Many, many men I know had very dull sex lives before marriage.) So why is the night of debauchery necessary?

If these are her friends, then they are creepy and warped.

There is one exception. There are a few people for whom strippers, sex workers, and other sexual experimentation is an integral part of their relationship.

In these cases, both partners may want to have bachelor parties - alone or together. If this is their agreement, it could work. But these people are usually smart enough to wear condoms.


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