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Should I give him yet another chance?



Stop Your Whining

Stop talking for a second and listen to yourself.

Steve I ramble? Have you read your own bio lately?

Jeez, I felt like I was listening to Dawson ramble about Joey Potter for 6 episodes without even a commercial break.

Even if they are meant to be together, they should not be together now.

Don't worry, I think you and Girl in a Glen belong together, but I'm certainly glad its not me dating your pompous ass. You ramble, and to be honest, I could hear the whining and pining as I read it.

Stop talking about being a man and be a man!

You'll Break Up 20 More Times

I am gonna keep it short and simple since once we publish your response we might run out of space on the server. I think you and she have a lot of work ahead of you and I think if you get back together you'll break up and get back together about another 20 times before you make up your minds.

She needs to cut things with Matt, no doubt, but even more, your relationship is not going to survive when you have to cross state lines to be together.

If You Can't Make Sacrifices, Don't Waste Your Time

You need to figure that out and if your relationship isn't important enough to make some sacrifices for each other then I don't know why you both wasted your time writing novelas, and why I am about to get fired at work for writing advice to you that I don't get paid for.

Stop whining and stop pining and if you really love her, prove it. She has expectations as to what capacity she wants to be with you, and if you cannot accommodate that then let it go. I just hope you guys work out so you don't come back asking for more advice. I'll certainly be fired if this continues.



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