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Why does my fiance keep obsessing about my past?

Dear Panel,

I am a divorced mother of one. I was married for about 10 years. I am engaged to be married again to a wonderful man.

He was married 2 times before. He has 3 kids. All older. They don't live in this state. He had to marry his 1st wife due to her getting pregnant.

We are great together. We like the same things. We have the same goals in life. He tells me that he has never loved or felt like he does with me before.

Our only problem, is when something comes up about my past (not anything bad, just life things). He starts obsessing about different things.

He may start thinking about me dating, being with someone before him and worrying about things I can't change. I have told him I wish I had met him back then, before my bad marriage but we didn't and I can't change any of that. When he starts thinking back on things it puts him in a bad, distant mood. We have talked about it and he is trying to deal with his demons (which is what he calls it).

Why does he dwell on the past to the point it could hurt our future?


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