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Hi Sarah,

I disagree. He might care for her.

No-one deserves to be treated this way and if he says that he cares about you then he has a funny way of showing it!

But Have You Talked to Him About Your Feelings?

It has nothing to do with talking about her feelings, he is just BAD.

Have you told him how you feel? You should go to him and tell him that you don't like to be treated this way because you don't deserve to be. If he truly understands how you feel then he will stop doing it and treat you right. If he continues to act this way then you are better off leaving him. Otherwise you are going to carry on convincing yourself that he is the right one for you and maybe one day he will change.

Well, let me tell you something, guys like this never change! It is very common to start off in a relationship with a guy when they wine and dine you and you think that they are god's gift to woman and suddenly the true colors show.

You are not expecting too much from a relationship. Everyone deserves to be treated right and I'm sure that that special someone is out there for you to be with but it doesn't sound like this guy!

Do the right thing if you want to be happy! you are still young and you have the rest of your life.

I hope that this was of some help for you!



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