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How can I tell if he likes me, or just wants some?


Dear Nikki,

To be honest with you- every situation is different.

BUT sometimes there are key signs that a guy likes you. For me, it was always a tingly feeling in my tummy when we made eye contact and the WAY that a guy would look at me, flirt with me, touch me. However, considering your age, it would also be safe to say that he could just "want some."

Hang with Him, But Don't Give Him Any Too Soon

It's only OK to hang with him -- if HE makes all the moves, she should just give him the silent treatment.

I would say that the only way to figure out whether or not he really likes you and doesn't just want some action is to hang out with him and not to give him any action at first.

At her age, she shouldn't be giving him any at all.

A guy who really likes you will hang around anticipating the moment when you will give him some action and a guy who just wants the action will probably bail as soon as he realizes that you aren't going to just play his game.

It is very important for you to remember a few things though- at your age and stage you need to start to figure out who you are, where you want to be going with guys and relationships, and what you want out of them. As soon as you have figured this out, you must stick to your decisions and not allow yourself to compromise the way that you feel/believe. It is very easy for peer pressure to make you do things you aren't into and sometimes guys take advantage of this.

Regardless of whether or not this guy likes you or just wants some- when you figure that part out, you must also make it clear to him what he can and should not expect from you and a relationship/friendship with you. Set the guidelines early so that you will not be taken off guard or made to compromise your beliefs.

The Guys that Stick Around When They Aren't Getting Any are the Keepers

As far as how to tell if he likes you or just wants some— those guys that stick around are the keepers. They have a goal (you) in mind and they stay around until they either "accomplish" their goal or realize that it is a lost cause.

Good luck trying to figure this guy out BUT also, don't forget who YOU are and stay focused on the most important parts of high school- getting a good education and discovering yourself...dont let any guy change your focus.

-- Foxy



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