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Dear Hopeful,

See, for example, the question, "Can I lust after other women?"

This question is a hot topic as there have been several very related questions sent in to Love & Learn.

If your boyfriend is doing this to be hurtful and disrespectful of you then I think you have a beef.

You're Being Disrespectful to Him

There is nothing wrong with telling him how it makes her feel.

Our society has conditioned most males to respond in this manner to reasonably attractive women, but he seems to be paying attention to you and would rather be with you than all of those other women.

Aidan Wrong. It wouldn't happen if she was his dream girl.

I think you are being disrespectful to him by resenting this classic Pavlovian reflex.


How do we measure disrespect?




That's a cheap cop out!

After all, he's only a guy.

- Lefty


Wizzding said: A wise man once said "It doesn't matter where you get your appetite just as long as you eat at home."

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