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Is it worth staying with a wife who lies and cheats?

Mare Answers:

Don't Blame Yourself

I'm sure you're trying to find answers now - why did she cheat? Did I do something to make her cheat? What can I do to make her love me again? Most likely, the cheating has nothing to do with you, so stop trying to blame yourself (or anyone else for that matter). Most likely, she's not going to be faithful. (Past behavior is the best predictor of future behavior.)

You Don't Deserve Unkind Treatment

It's time to move away from this relationship and heal yourself. If you can possibly get counseling, please do it. There was some reason why you tolerated your wife's infidelity for so long when you didn't deserve to be treated so unkindly. Why? A professional can help you answer that question.

Remain a Good Father

Regardless of whether or not you were the biological father of your child, you are probably the only father she/he has. Take care of your child because kids need to be surrounded by as many loving adults as possible.

Don't Wait for Her; Wait for Ms. Right

I am 100% positive that there is someone out there for you who will love you and be faithful. Take your time finding her and wait until you feel like you know yourself, first.



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