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Should I tell her about my indiscretion?


My Dearest Couldn't Keep It In Its Pants,

I agree because telling her would kill her.

I know a lot of people won't agree with me when I tell you this, but I don't believe that you should tell her.

You're right; I don't agree. Hiding this would be horrible.

I will explain to you and everyone else for my answer. I am thinking on a realistic basis and not the way people would prefer it.

Telling Her Would Have Negative Consequences


If you told her there is a possibility that she would break up with you.

Lose her trust?? He didn't obviously deserve it to begin with!

If she doesn't break up with you, you will lose her trust and that is a big issue, and you will always hear about it. Also there is a chance she will be distraught and out of spite might feel the need for revenge.

Since you are not losing any sleep over this then leave it like it is and your relationship can carry on without the drama.


– Alex


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