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Dear Confused Again,

Religion and its different belief systems are everywhere. When you meet someone depending on your own personal beliefs, their beliefs may be wrong and controversial to you, on both sides.

Dating someone whose beliefs are not compatible with yours can create a lot of tension and frustration. But then again, you guys could be two peas-in-a-pod when it comes to everything else.

If It Bothers You Greatly, Move On

What do you do? Well there are some things you can think about. Someone's beliefs can be what keeps them balanced and happy, so if it bothers you greatly maybe it would be a good idea to move on.

Or Make It Work Like A Similar Friendship

It's different if you marry someone with dfferent beliefs. You will end up compromising on important life decisions and may resent it later.

But ... have you ever had a friend or loved one that had different beliefs as you, but they're important to you so you find a way to continue the relationship without causing problems? Maybe there is a way that you could do that in this situation also.

I've Had Problems Like This

My boyfriend of over a year and I had some problems like this too. I was raised my whole life in a strong religious life, he had never even been in a church, and it bothered me greatly. But the more that I saw who he was, and having the chance to be with someone that makes me so happy and is a lot like me was a chance I didn't want to miss, and I'm happy I didn't.

I continued my spiritual life and that part of us remained personal and our relationship is doing great. Its your decision because its your happiness. Whatever decision you make I'm sure will be one you won't regret either way!

Good Luck,



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