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Dear girl!

I wonder WHY you want to let your friend know that you are in love with her, while you know that she's heterosexual.

Tell Her About Your "Recent Lesbian Feelings" First

Even this is risky -- there are a lot of Neaderthals out there.

But when you really want to speak about it with her, I suggest you should inform her about 'recent lesbian feelings'. Not immediately that you are in love with HER.

She May Have The Same Feelings

But only if she is SURE that she has fallen in love -- she could just be horny

When she reacts positively, you could maybe tell her that you've fallen in love with her. There even is a possibility that she dares to be honest when YOU are so honest to her. Maybe she never dared to speak about lesbian feelings?? Who knows?

Be careful with anything you say, but do whatever you feel. Follow your heart in this situation.

Good luck!



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