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Dear Rachel,

Talk to him!

Get to Know Him -- But Not Illegally

Even dorky guys like to talk to people! My guess is that he'd love to get to know someone who likes him.

You're not suggesting it, but you're also not clear enough on how wrong any romantic attention would be. He COULD go to jail!

I'm not suggesting you get romantically involved -- that's illegal. He could lose his job and even go to jail.

Show Interest in His Interests

Patra Charlie, are you twisted?

But, I do suggest that you show him you like him by talking to him. Ask him questions about where he went to school, what theatre he has done, what are his plans for your class.

He Could Be Your Soulmate

Flaming I disagree because this is sick.

It can be really valuable to get to know your teachers as people in addition to knowing them as teachers. My guess is that you've found a "soul mate."

Rachel, the best way to get guys to notice you is to get them talking about themselves. It's sick, kind of, but it's true.

Good luck,



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