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If we don't have sex, is underage dating OK?

Dear Panel,

OK, I think I know the answer I'm going to get, but I'll ask anyway.

See, this guy, Jean is turning 19. I was just dating him, for about 18 hours, and then he found out I'm 15.


I don't think "love" is the word you're looking for.

I know I'm jail bait, but you know love at first sight? Well, I think it's true.

It's not that I even want a physical relationship with him, I'd be happy just being with him. It's so frustrating. And he feels the same way.

So, is it illegal to date someone over 18 if you're 15, but not have a PHYSICAL relationship with them?

Mr. Sensitive

Don't do anything under the covers.

Or will I have to date him undercover?

-- Sparky

Female, age 15

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