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If we don’t have sex, is underage dating OK?

A Guest Answers:

Charlie said:

"Not many 19 year olds are interested in a no-touching relationship with a member of the opposite sex."


Jeannie Answers:

Many 15-Year Olds Want a "Hands-On" Relationship

Ashley You've got that right! But I don't think age should matter.

Then again, these days, it seems like not a lot of 15 year olds are interested in a no-touching relationship. However, though she says she is considering a non-sexual relationship, how honest IS that? Non-sexual, by definition, is not just no sex. Non-sexual is platonic, no kissing, no carressing...there are many ways to define non-sexual relationships.

Local Laws Vary

Can he go to jail for having sex with you? That really depends on your state laws. Each state differs slightly, but the general rule is that 17 and under is off limits.

If You Care, You Won't Risk It

However, I will say..if you truly care about this person, why take the risk? For at least the next two years, you are off limits to this person, if he wants to be sure that he does nothing against the law. That being the case, be sure that you have both sat down and talked about the non-sexual aspect of it, agree that it works for both of you and be serious about sticking to it.

15-Year Olds Do Better with Older Dates

I believe it's better, at age 15, to be seeing someone who may be older, but is willing to forsake the physical relationship than dating someone who is also 15 who isn't. Be careful in your choices...and think of the consequences, too, not just what feels good at the moment. This is could ruin his life if you take it too far.

-- Jeannie


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